Review: Iowa Baseball Confederacy

The-Iowa-Baseball-Confederacy-9780618340804Bryan gave me this book for my birthday and I zipped through it in about a week. The author is W.P. Kinsella, known for writing Shoeless Joe, the book Field of Dreams is based on.

Like Field of Dreams, there’s a lot of magic drifting around the history of baseball. Gideon, the main character, takes over his father’s obsession with trying to find evidence of a 2000+ inning game between the Iowa Confederacy All Stars and the Chicago Cubs in 1908.

No one remembers the event happening, and Gideon finds himself travelling back in time to witness the events with his friend, Stan, who happens to be a AAA ballplayer who hasn’t been able to break into the bigs.

Stan gets to play in the record-breaking game that is influenced by a biblically proportioned rain storm, an Indian ghost, and a young woman who Gideon falls in love with.

Now for the review: This book is weird. I loved Field of Dreams, but this book takes the supernatural a little too far for me. The story didn’t seem to come together in a satisfying way, and I found the “coincidences” leading to the climax to be too unbelievable and somewhat pointless to the plot. Also, the climax wasn’t especially climactic.

I will say that the tension Kinsella develops throughout the story is gripping, and absolutely make you keep reading and increases your expectation. I just thought the results of this expectation were lacking.

With that said, I know a lot of people love this book (4.5 stars on Amazon). So I would be interested to hear what others have to say about it?

You can’t borrow my copy though, Bryan asked if he could read it next.

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