velcoVELCO is the electric company umbrella that is proposing electrical power lines running from West Rutland to South Burlington. These power lines would be the big ones. The ones that get a lot of controversy because their electromagnetic radiation may cause cancer. Whether they actually cause cancer is heavily debated, but I once heard that if you stood under one of these lines with a light bulb in your hand, it will light up on its own, without being plugged into anything. If that’s true, I don’t see how they wouldn’t cause cancer!

These lines are also ugly. They seem to look fine in New York state, but against our pristine backdrop, they sort of clash. Billboards look good in New York too. So do big cities.

These are the reasons the towns of Shelburne, Ferrisburgh, Charlotte, and others along this planned power line route are taking VELCO to court to try to stop the project. VELCO’s argument, Chittenden County needs the energy. To prove it, they have submitted more than 100 pounds of paperwork to the courts. I don’t know about you, but my idea of proof is something fairly self-evident. I would say about 4 ounces worth, not 100 pounds.

These towns have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the huge electric company conglomerate and the fight may have just begun. Anthony Pollina made an interesting point today on his radio show, Equal Time. He suggested that at some point the towns are just going to have to give up because VELCO essentially can spend an unlimited amount of money. His reasoning was that they will end up charging it back to us in our electric bills.

This is pretty depressing. If anyone has some more uplifting news regarding the VELCO issue, I would love to hear it.

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